2020’s good news happened outdoors

California condors continued a remarkable recovery in 2020.

As the coronavirus sent people running for cover last spring, Joe Owen ran to help others. The Danville soccer coach trotted up Mount Diablo (13 miles and 3,400 feet of climbing) every day in April to raise more than $4,400 for a local food bank. “I am really proud of what this has accomplished,” he… Continue reading 2020’s good news happened outdoors

Bring on the map makeover

Squaw Valley has committed to a name change in 2021.

Before thousands of climbers ascended Mount Whitney every year, a group of Buffalo Soldiers reached the summit in 1903. The first African Americans to climb the mountain also built its first summit trail. Enthralled by the grand scenery, Captain Charles Young committed to “preserving these mountains just as they are.” Under Young’s command, Buffalo Soldiers… Continue reading Bring on the map makeover

The Marmot

The marmot lies on gray rock, a mass of skin and soft fur; he rests, soaks up sun. He wears a blanket of his own silvery-brown comfort, glinting in heavy afternoon light. I follow the footpath a narrow stripe across miles of forests and stark mountains. My backpack and my steps propel me down through… Continue reading The Marmot

Remember the Sky

Remember the river? Your toes curl over slippery rocks, soft gush twists through the valley bound by sprouted grass, thin strokes shivering in the breeze. Remember the mountains? Enormous bodies of stagnant power, draped in a pine robe. You sit on a rock at the top, take full breaths and recall when this spot was… Continue reading Remember the Sky