Remember the Sky

Remember the river?

Your toes curl over slippery rocks,

soft gush

twists through the valley

bound by sprouted grass,

thin strokes shivering in the breeze.

Remember the mountains?

Enormous bodies

of stagnant power,

draped in a pine robe.

You sit on a rock at the top,

take full breaths

and recall when this spot

was a distant rift

in the serrated ridge.

Remember the bird?

Chirping faint and sweet

on a springy aspen branch,

Canvas tree trunk etched with eyes,

a flurry of leaves.

Remember the lake?

Sun-glazed surface drifts slowly,

reflects blurred cliffs and trees.

You leap from a rock


into soothing depths.

Remember the sky?

An unhampered sheet,

wisps of clouds unfurl

in peachy morning hues

behind hilltops.

At night,

you are focused on stars and planets

radiant dust across darkness,

and you are a part of it.

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